How does a food truck come about?

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The creation of a vehicle for street food goes through various stages, all extremely important to obtain an excellent product in all its characteristics. From the design to the delivery of the food truck, it is necessary to pay extreme care and attention to the details that make up the project, making sure that the final result is in line with the customer’s requests. But what are these phases? And what are the advantages of relying on StreetFoody for the purchase of a food truck?
Let’s see them together:

PHASE 1 - Meeting with the customer:
Modern food trucks represent an extraordinary opportunity to develop innovative and original strategies, able to offer a competitive advantage to different types of entrepreneurs and companies. The decision to invest in a vehicle for street food can lead to the achievement of various objectives: starting a new activity, expanding your business, or exploiting a new tool for building large-scale marketing campaigns. For this reason, during the first meeting, it is necessary to focus attention on the mission underlying the investment, to understand which solution on wheels can best suit the customer’s purposes and the messages they want to convey through our food trucks.

Thanks to the experience in the sector and the efficient and flexible structure, StreetFoody is able to respond quickly to particular and varied needs. The main objective is to provide a vehicle set up ad hoc, of high quality, and completely in line with current regulations.

PHASE 2 - Design and approval of the project:
After examining all the requests, the team’s resources come together to define a clear and precise action plan that will accompany them in the following weeks of work: the technicians, the specialized workers and the sales team draw up a detailed project to be presented in order to be evaluated in depth. In this phase, the latest generation CAD and 3D CAD software are used, combined with PDM software, for the processing of codes and technical drawings. With the approval of the project, we move on to the production phase: thanks to the guidelines outlined, the specialized departments that will be responsible for making the components of the food truck will not lose sight of the delivery times and the resources to be assigned to each phase.

PHASE 3 - Production:
Starting from a bare frame, the specialized staff proceeds with the construction of the structures to be installed on the vehicle. Meanwhile, the carpentry works at full capacity to ensure that the interior furnishings meet the high-quality standards characteristics of all our wheeled solutions. Subsequently, we move on to the construction of the refrigeration, hydraulic, gas and electrical systems to make the vehicle fully functional and autonomous in any situation. Finally, it is the turn of the finishes, the refinement of the aesthetic details and the customization of the vehicle with logos, graphics and colors chosen during the planning phase. At StreetFoody, production takes place exclusively in-house, in a plant of over 12,000 square meters located in Terranuova Bracciolini, in the province of Arezzo. Experience and passion accompany our team through the various stages of the production process, designed to devote the same degree of attention to all the vehicles that make up the StreetFoody range of solutions. In addition, the attention to details and the excellence of the materials used are a guarantee of high quality, obviously 100% Made in Italy.

PHASE 4 - Documentation:
The use of a food truck involves the satisfaction of some requirements. It is essential to have the documentation certifying the use of suitable materials for the administration of food and the technical layout of the equipment illustrating the configuration of the same. More specifically, the vehicles must possess the certifications of all gas and electric systems, comply with the health and hygiene requirements set by the Ministry of Health, and be approved and tested in compliance with current regulations. In addition, they must be registered in accordance with the Highway Code as special vehicles for shop use. Whether you are a (new) food trucker or an established brand, not getting lost in the midst of all this bureaucracy is essential: StreetFoody provides all the necessary documentation so that your vehicle is completely safe and in line with the regulations governing road trads.

PHASE 5 - Training:
At the end of the production process and with the necessary documentation on board, the food truck is ready to go. First, however, it is important to know in detail how your work tool works: street food vehicles are increasingly modern and equipped with technologically advanced devices, as well as systems that must be used correctly to guarantee excellent service. To avoid any type of error, StreetFoody’s specialists offer a training course to staff who will work on board the vehicles to update them on the characteristics of the vehicle, the right procedures to follow, and the operation of the systems and devices installed.

PHASE 6 - Delivery:
All that remains is to proceed with the delivery of the vehicle. You can meet us and come and collect your food truck at our headquarters in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), or choose the solution with transport and StreetFoody will take care of delivering it directly to your home!

But how much does it cost and how long does it take?
The cost of a food truck depends on several factors, including the choice of vehicle, the type of equipment, and the degree of customization: our wide range of solutions has been designed to adapt to the most disparate budgets. Furthermore, the internal organization of StreetFoody, made up of specialized departments and a team of qualified experts, allows you to modulate delivery times according to customer needs: for those who have an urgent need to set up their business, it is possible to take advantage of our prompt delivery solutions!

The process that leads to the creation of a StreetFoody vehicle always begins with a moment of sharing: whatever your mission, you will have a team of experts who will listen to you and accompany you through the steps necessary to achieve your goal.

Only Phase 0 is missing: contact one of our experts!

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