Dario Cecchini, butcher from Chianti for eight generations, is recognized worldwide as a real authority in the field of cuisine and quality meat. True Tuscan, he is the owner of the famous Antica Macelleria Cecchini, a historic shop that has over 250 years of history. Panzano in Chianti (FI) is also home to its famous restaurants, which provide a series of innovative formats and menus to be savored.

Dario and his right hand, Riccardo Ricci, have decided to embark on a new adventure aboard a Food Truck with strong and international flavors: MotoTaco’s philosophy is to offer the most important recipes from Mexico using traditional ingredients from the Tuscan lands.

The StreetFoody team went to visit them directly in Panzano to hear the story of their new project:

Hi Dario, let’s start from the origins. How did your business start and what does it do? What are the values you want to convey through your work?
: I have been a butcher for almost 40 years, a profession handed down for generations and carried forward with great passion, with profound respect for the animal and attention to quality comparisons. I learned from my family the great responsibility that accompanies the role of the butcher, who has the task of feeding the community.

Hi Riccardo, how did you get in touch with the Cecchini reality? How long have you been collaborating with Dario?
: through an acquaintance I learned that Dario was looking for a collaborator. Luckily, we hit it off right away, and have been working together for 20 years. The Antica Macelleria taught me the importance of public relations, of communicating with people from all over the world and of traveling to discover different cultures and cuisines.

Where did the idea of having a Food Truck come from?
: the Truck is my contemporary way of thanking the meat that nourishes our lives. Our grandmothers cooked boiled meats and stews; they had plenty of time to do it. This time has been reduced considerably, and the Food Truck is able to combine what is called fast food with quality: fast food that is also good. The truck – the van, as they say in Italian – allows you to have, according to our ethics and our philosophy, good food at a good price. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to create fun formats, because food must become a means of sharing and joy. Eating well means being happier and living better!

Riccardo: the Food Truck offers the convenience of working as if I were at home, but in the middle of a field, at a party or in a square. On board, we have all the equipment of a real butcher’s shop! In addition to the desire to communicate the sustainability of our project and our philosophy, it has also allowed us to work in comfort and offer an excellent service to our customers.

How was it integrated within the traditional business?
: catering is starting to have very high costs and requires complex and bulky structures. Furthermore, the figure of the waiter in a suit and tie, the tables with neat cutlery and perfect tablecloths are making room for more accessible and fun tools. The Food Truck integrates into a much larger project, which also includes the butcher shop and restaurants. We possess the training and experience, and we guarantee quality, fun and savings through our Food Truck.

Where does the passion for Mexican cuisine come from? How did you match Mexico with the Florentine tradition?
: my passion for travel was born with Dario. Every year we organize trips to bring Tuscany to the world. Our experiences have given me the opportunity to get in touch with other cultures and types of meat processing, especially that of Mexico. In Mexican cuisine many poor cuts are used, such as cheek, tripe, or tongue, as we do here in Florence! All these cuts are less known in Italy, while in Mexico they are highly valued. We therefore decided to combine the two things: for example, the lamprey on a Mexican tortilla, with a little lime, a little coriander and a little fresh onion!

Have you already used your Food Truck to take part in events and initiatives? What has it allowed you to do and what new opportunities has it opened up for you?
: having everything on board, I was able to hold events inside farms, private parties, or position myself in passageways to catch people on the go. The opportunities are many, and I hope they multiply. It’s always a great joy for people because they’re very curious about what I do and impressed by the quality of the things I cook, and this gratifies me a lot. It is the real reason that moves my work.

The Food Truck has allowed me to tell what I do, my experiences, my travels. The Moto butcher is a character that I created, I identify with him and people can truly understand what I do and the passion I put into things.

Via Poggilupi, 1692
52028 Terranuova (AR)
Tel.: +39 055 919431

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1. sales and promotion of Made in ltaly food trucks abroad
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