Food trucks and spas: the innovation of services in wellness centers


The spas occupy an important space within the natural and cultural heritage of our country: the particular geological conformation of a fascinating territory rich in sources with therapeutic properties has allowed the Italian spas to be recognized for their beneficial effects throughout the world. The art of hospitality and suggestive scenery have transformed thermal wellness into a refined form of tourism based on the health and beauty of the body and mind. With over 320 spas in operation, 90% of which are accredited to the National Health Service, the Italian wellness industry welcomes and assists 2 million and 790 thousand customers, 12% of which are foreigners.

The creation of a spa center is based on an authentic philosophy: the experience conveyed to the customer is the fulcrum of the design work, which aims to guarantee an environment intended to provide well-being to those who occupy it, as well as a series of innovative and original services to offer additional moments of pleasure to add to the overall relaxing experience.

QC Terme and Aquardens, leading groups in the Italian wellness sector, have chosen StreetFoody solutions on wheels to optimize the management of the internal and external spaces of their structures and exploit all the potential of their services, reinterpreting them in a modern and original way.

QC Terme
QC Terme is a chain of trendy spas and resorts that currently has ten wellness centers and four hotels, winning a place among the leaders in the thermal sector in Italy. The features that make the brand recognizable and unique are the suggestiveness and architecture of the spa facilities: taking the thermal baths of ancient Rome as a reference, QC Terme proposes waterfalls, pools carved into the rock and ceilings depicting starry nights.

The StreetFoody Carrettini will be placed inside the buffet areas of the various QC Terme facilities, and have been set up to host dishes made with fresh and genuine ingredients, suitable for the concept of healthy food that the brand wants to convey to its customers. The particular architectural context influenced the customization of the vehicle in terms of measurements, equipment and design. The full customization of the graphics made it possible to adapt the Carrettino to the elegant and refined atmosphere of the spa, making it perfectly consistent with the location in which it will be placed. The buffet of the QC spas will therefore be enriched with captivating and original details thanks to the additional features that our vehicles will offer the service, designed specifically to brighten up moments of conviviality within the wellness centers. In addition, the Carrettino is versatile, manageable, easily transportable solution and can always perform different tasks: QC Terme will be able to use it not only inside the buffet areas, but also in other locations inside and outside the structure.

Aquardens, the Terme di Verona
The Aquardens spa, immersed in the typical atmosphere of Valpolicella, is a state-of-the-art spa where well-being and fun mix together. The structure offers a succession of outdoor and indoor pools, lagoons, caves and waterfalls, which in the evening are transformed into theme nights Cinema, Live Music by the pool and water dance lessons.

The spa has chosen an Ape StreetFoody to be placed by the pool to offer a healthy catering service to its customers, taking advantage of a very popular and appreciated dish: the poke bowl. With a comfortable, practical and easy to carry shape, thanks to the ingredients with very bright and lively colors, pokes have fascinated and intrigued many people. In addition, it is a complete, balanced and truly healthy dish, made up of products rich in nutrients. Our Ape has been customized to create a corner of Hawaii by the pool, impossible not to notice and appreciate. The strong Made in Italy design, combined with the exotic atmosphere created by the vehicle, provides a touch of internationally to the structure, without losing the style and comfort of StreetFoody wheeled solutions. Finally, a high-quality standard from the planning, technological and design point of view complete the result. The Ape set up in Pokeria promotes new ways of engaging customers to offer a complete and unforgettable experience during days dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

The design, style and elegance of StreetFoody vehicles can adapt to the most refined and elegant contexts, thanks above all to the ability to customize your vehicle as needed to make it as consistent as possible with the style of the location that will host it. Furthermore, offering an innovative and original service also means obtaining an advantage in different competitive sectors: the new frontier for your business can be a food truck!

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