Gricia Road: passion for main courses on the road

"I've always loved cooking main courses and I understood that a vehicle could have been the right choice to make my passion into a job. I was sure I did not want to open a restaurant, and a vehicle was giving me a location but with a lot more freedom", Pietro Felicetti, the founder of Gricia Road since 2014, says. Since then he's been taking on the road main courses from the Roman tradition. 

“After a year of research I have decided, with my partners, to invest into a Porter Piaggio because it's a vehicle that can grant a good working space, but also some freedom even in a big city as Rome", tells Felicetti. 

“While the project was developing, I took part to a course run by a famous pasta maker to find out all the secrets of hand made pasta. And still today all the handmade pasta cook by Gricia Road comes from there: we do use handmade pasta for all of our recipes”. With a cooking time of two, three minutes, handmade pasta allows to keep the preparation time minimal.

“Sauces and dressing all come from the Roman tradition: amatriciana, gricia, cacio e pepe…”, adds the founder of Gricia Road.

The small truck doesn’t have a designated position in Rome, but is always available for private events. “Lately the region Lazio is designating some spots on regional land for foodtrucks, also in touristic areas”, tells Pietro Felicetti: is Gricia going to get some spots around town?

“Streetfood isn’t for those willing to earn a lot in a short time, but for those with a passion, those who have studied a lot and developed a valid plan. It’s important to create a brand with a strong identity, also for quality and innovation of the proposed product”.

Project financed within the framework of POR FESR Toscana 2014/2020 aimed to sales and promotion of Made in ltaly food trucks abroad