Biotruck the van passionate about wellbeing and environment

Biotruck is a Porter Piaggio that since April 2017 travels on the roads of the French Switzerland carrying organic, vegan and vegetarian dishes. On board of the truck work Giuseppe Esposito and his wife, who have told us how their passion for a sustainable and healthier lifestyle became the propeller of their activity. 

“In a world where we can eat everything we want to, paradoxically it’s not always possibile to find out the origin of what we put in our plate. That’s why we understood we have to promote quality and underline the importance of organic food”, tells the couple.

“In Switzerland people are starting to question theirselves. And we found out, working on the truck, that more and more people are getting interested in those topics”.

On Biotruck the couple decided to propose recipes from organic and local products. “Everytime we’re in a new town we reach for local producers and every time we get back there we buy from them”.

Why only vegetarian and vegan options? Here comes the answer of the couple: “Nowadays we eat way too much meat. Once it used to be a luxury and quality food, to be consumed during feasts. Now it0s common to buy meat, not for its quality, but because it’s cheap”.

Next to quality of the dishes proposed - hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and seasonal fruits - lays an interest in the environment: “We don’t use plastic and our motto is zero waste”.

An activity, that of Biotruck, that is also aimed to make people more aware. The choice of a food truck is not a casualty: “We looked for a solution allowing us to move from town to town and to attend public and private events”. The truck is often booked for “company events, weddings and ceremonies”.

And it does not stop in chillier months: “this winter we are located inside a station”, tell the two owners.

They don’t lack in plans for the future: “We would like to promote a take-away activity next year and one day to grow Biotruck into a franchise involving more trucks”.

If you too want to make your idea into a business on the road, contact us at or + 39 055 919431. We’ll help you in making it real!

Project financed within the framework of POR FESR Toscana 2014/2020 aimed to sales and promotion of Made in ltaly food trucks abroad