Taglia M
Porter Flò Gelato

Taglia M

Porter Flò Gelato

The right vehicle for ice cream parlors that want to move over long distances, but are looking for a handy solution on city streets. It allows the operator to work on board and to serve even younger customers with ease.

Setup details

Model with rear and lateral cover, it lets one  operator  to serve comfortably from inside the vehicle.

Model with side and rear cover, allows an operator to work comfortably from inside the vehicle

It has a counter with an optimal height from the ground, ideal to serve also a child. Perfect in situations where the product must be shown or explained.

Designed to be completely independent during the work phase, it does not need to be connected to the power supply or to the generator.

It has all the certifications of the installed systems, and it complies with current health rules.

Tested for special use, essential requirement for the proper performance of the business activity on wheels

Completamente personalizzabile sotto il profilo grafico

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