The Ape that doesn’t stop in winter: Blend4 on the road

Blend4 on the road was born - as the name explains - from the wish of Ivano Antonini, owner of the restaurant Blend4 in Azzate, in Varese province, to expand his activity on wheels.

“In Azzate there is a beautiful lookout on the lake and for a few years the council has been promoting activities for streetfood vehicles willing to work there”, tells Ivano. And so, with his wife, he has decided to launch his activity on the road, or better, in the beautiful contest of the lake of Varese, with an Ape.

Since last July, Blend4 on the road has spendt the summer on the lookout, offering aperitifs, but also food to eat along a nice glass of wine.

“We use the restaurant as a working station to cook the food we sell on the road: last summer we made hamburgers and cold dishes, such as vitel tonnèe, cous cous, to accompany with wine, champagne and spritz”, tells the owner of the activity that never stops, not even in winter.

From 1st December to 6th January, Blend4 is taking part to the Christmas Village in the heart of the city of Varese and for 35 days will serve hot dishes, wine and aperitifs. “In winter we cook soups and stews that we can keep warm on the Ape, thaks to the stove installed”

Since the Ape is in the heart of the Christmas Village, for the first time hosted in Varese, and it is a very popular location to spend the afternoon for parents and children, ivan has decided to also serve “snacks: crepes and hot chocolate”.

Beside the summer activity at the look out and the winter one at markets, Blend4 on the road is also available for private events and parties.

“Streetfood is a very versatile world and it offers many possibilities: there are many festivals to take part to, there are markets in winter… And for an activity like mine it’s easy to propose different solutions. according to the location and the season”, explains Ivano.

If you too want to find out more on the world of streetfood, contact us at or at +39 055 919431.

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