StreetFoody and Caffè Vergnano, a partnership to bring espresso on the road


During the summer, Caffè Vergnano launched the Street Coffee project, "continuation of the idea born during the lockdown of take-away breakfasts, which is based on the consolidated know-how of the company and recalls the style of the more than 150 Caffè Vergnano cafès open all over the world, it reinterprets the well-known concept of quality 'street food' in a completely original way, adapting it to the world of bars ".

As Carolina Vergnano said: “During the quarantine, we wondered what the effects of this historic moment would be in the bar sector. It was necessary to think of a solution to offer to baristas and end customers that could be flexible, dynamic and at the same time iconic and innovative. The Street Coffee Vergnano project is exactly this for us, it is our concept of the café of the future and fully represents the spirit of Caffè Vergnano "

As StreetFoody, we have been chosen as a partner in the project, for the construction of Ape Oyster and Porter, thus consolidating the collaboration with the company that has been underway for some years and has seen the execution of numerous coffee trucks. To find out more about the project and the opportunities it offers, we interviewed Federico Rinaldi, Design Team at Caffè Vergnano.

First of all, why did Caffè Vergnano choose StreetFoody?

“We chose StreetFoody because it shares with Caffè Vergnano those characteristics of flexibility that were consistent for a project of this type. The expertise in terms of vehicle customization and reliability in the development of the project confirmed our expectation as an ideal partner “.

What are the new opportunities that arise "on the road" for a traditionally "sedentary" business such as a café?

“With vehicles, the café becomes dynamic and flexible, allowing fast movement. The various vehicles have been designed with the aim of responding to different budget and space requirements, but they all guarantee excellence in design and set-up with the sole purpose of offering the same quality as an espresso at the counter. Each vehicle is fitted with an espresso machine and a grinder, which use the electrical and water systems or can operate independently with tanks and generator. There are certainly advantages in terms of flexibility linked to reaching a wider audience, the possibility of intercepting consumption flows in different areas and times of the day".

How important is mobility for the business of the future?

“The current situation is inevitably leading us to a change that concerns our consumption habits, the time spent in a restaurant is changing and perhaps we are developing a different approach also in the management of daily rhythms. This does not mean abandoning our Italian habits linked to the traditional coffee shop, but starting to think that new opportunities and new meeting points between supply and demand are being added ".

Project financed within the framework of POR FESR Toscana 2014/2020 aimed to sales and promotion of Made in ltaly food trucks abroad